Theme area
Poverty and health, Equitable health services, Governance and participation in health
Kaim B
Title of publication EQUINET PRA paper: Reflections on actions and learning from participatory work on health in Cassa Banana, Zimbabwe.
Date of publication
2016 April
Publication type
Academic paper
Publication details
Reflections on actions and learning from participatory work on health in Cassa Banana, Zimbabwe. TARSC, ZADHR, Cassa Banana Community Health Committee, EQUINET PRA Paper. Harare
Publication status
environmental health, informal settlement; participatory; reflection; action; Zimbabwe
Over the last two years (2014-2015), the Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC), in cooperation with the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR), has been building a programme that aims to foster local and national dialogue to build active citizenship and public and private accountability on water and sanitation, as a key element of primary health care. The work draws on experiences and learning arising from the Health Literacy programme and pra4equity network within the Regional Network on Equity in Health in east and southern Africa (EQUINET).This paper explores the Cassa Banana residents’ response to their health situation over the last two years, with a particular focus on the role of the Community Health Committee (CHC) in meeting community health needs and in trying to strengthen relations with the HaCC and other key stakeholders. In doing so, the paper reflects on the successes and challenges faced by the CHC, and looks at issues of leadership, social cohesion and power within the community as key components to the successful mobilisation of a diverse and fractured community in trying to get its needs met. It ends by recommending possible actions to deal with the problems identified and comments on the extent to which the challenges faced in Cassa Banana can be generalised to other communities in Zimbabwe.
Equinet Publication Type
Discussion paper