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Equitable health services, Resource allocation and health financing, Governance and participation in health
Brown G; Wills O; Loewenson R
Title of publication EQUINET Information brief: Global emergency financing and health system strengthening
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2016 July
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Global emergency financing and health system strengthening, Information brief, U Sheffield, TARSC, EQUINET, Harare
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health emergencies, emergency funds, international health regulations, health financing, global
The 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) adopted by member states in the World Health Organization (WHO) require that all countries have the ability to detect, assess, report and respond to potential public health emergencies of international concern at all levels of government, and to report such events rapidly to the WHO to determine whether a coordinated, global response is required. Recent epidemics have strengthened the demand to improve the capacities to implement the IHR and the effectiveness of health system prevention and detection of and responses to epidemics. Evidence from ESA countries suggests that this demands effective communication between local levels of health systems and national responses, and capacities for prevention, detection and response at community, primary care and district level. In 2016 two new global financing mechanisms were introduced to support emergency responses, the WHO Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE), that aims to fill the gap from the beginning of a declared emergency and a World Bank Pandemic Emergency Facility (PEF), to support follow up measures after initial CFE funding. This report provides information on the new CFE and PEF financing mechanisms, to explore any stated or implied links with the IHR goals and health system strengthening in the response to emergencies. It is based on a desk review of available literature by the University of Sheffield and the Training and Research Support Centre, under the umbrella of EQUINET. The report aims to inform African policy-makers and stakeholders about the CFE and PEF financial mechanisms and their relationship to the IHR to locate areas where links could be more explicitly made between the new financial mechanisms, the IHR and the health system strengthening needed for longer-term preparedness for and prevention of emergencies.
East and southern Africa region
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Discussion brief