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Human resources for health
Dambisya Y
Title of publication EQUINET Policy Brief 41: Giving new momentum to strategies for retaining health workers
Date of publication
2016 September
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Dambisya Y (2016) Giving new momentum to strategies for retaining health workers, with ECSA HC, TARSC and U Limpopo, Policy brief 41 EQUINET, Harare
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health workers, retention; migration, primary care, east and southern Africa
This brief discusses the strategies used for attracting and retaining skilled health workers in ESA countries, especially to address underserved rural and remote areas, primary care settings and in the public sector. It reviews practice to date and identifies strategic options, given both regional learning and the opportunity of the 2016 Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health. Whereas ESA countries have implemented various attraction and retention regimes, the results have not been well documented, with still limited evaluation and reporting of impact of these strategies. The evidence suggests a need for a comprehensive, multi-sectoral and co-ordinated approach to planning and implementation, to make the case for improved funding and with greater use of information and monitoring systems.
East and southern Africa region
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Policy brief