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Health equity in economic and trade policies
Ministry of Health Zambia; EQUINET
Title of publication Mining and Public Health in Zambia Meeting report, 10 April 2018, Lusaka, Zambia
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2018 April
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Zambia, mining, health impact assessment, health standards, law
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) framework for harmonising mining policies, standards and laws, approved by the SADC Mining Ministers in 2006, specifies that member states develop, adopt and enforce appropriate and uniform health, safety and environmental guidelines for the sector and seeks to harmonized standardization in health as an immediate milestone area. The Ministry of Health in Zambia is in the process of improving public health in the mining sector in the country as part of its Universal Health Coverage policy, as well as to address the social determinants of health. A meeting was thus held to dialogue with key national level representatives of health and related sectors on evidence and actions related to public health in mining. The meeting aimed to 1. Share and dialogue with key national level representatives of health and related sectors on: evidence from Zambia on mining and health with a focus on population/public health issues and the current responses to health promotion, prevention and management, and on evidence from regional level on public health issues and health standards in mining, and their implications for regional responses. 2. To discuss follow up actions in relation to key areas of health and cross sectoral collaboration on mining and public health in Zambia and for regional co-operation and exchange on setting and implementing harmonised standards on mining and health.
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