EQUINET Call for applicants: Desk review on “A critical assessment of different health financing options in east and southern African countries”
Call closes 5pm September 8 2018
The paper will identify from online sources the different domestic public health financing options currently being explored, advocated and implemented in east and southern African countries, including in relation to financing policies for equitable universal health systems and for universal health coverage. Thereafter, using available grey and published literature from experience in other countries within and beyond the region; and drawing on experiences of advanced implementers of these different health financing options in and beyond the region, the paper will review the implications of each health financing option in terms of: its stability relative to macroeconomic contexts; its fiscal implications; the levels and potential share of revenue for universal public sector led health systems and UHC; its progressiveness; its implications for pooling, income and risk cross subsidies and equity and potential to enable equitable allocation based on need; its efficiency and ease of their collection methods; its potential for and drivers of cost escalation; and its political and social acceptability. Noting that there is no one-size fits all policy on health financing and that specific country contexts affect decisions on health financing, the paper will provide, for each financing option, information on the contexts or conditions that are relevant to its application and as relevant to the specific features above. For each of the financing options the paper will raise the administrative implications and the immediate/short term and longer-term issues to be addressed in their implementation in east and southern African countries if they are to support equitable progression towards universal health coverage and health system strengthening. The paper will be produced as an EQUINET discussion paper and will be used to prepare a policy brief. It may be used thereafter as source material by the author for journal publication. It will be drafted, reviewed and final version produced between end September 2018 and beginning March 2019. EQUINET will organise internal and external review and will organise for and support the author to present the paper at a relevant policy forum within the region, including to hear feedback and follow up issues. The commissioned author will be paid a fee of £7100 (approx. $9250) for the paper excluding the costs of the travel and per diem for presentation at the regional forum which will be separately met by EQUINET. Applicants for the call are asked to email to admin@equinetafrica.org before 5pm Southern Africa time September 8 2018 with HEALTH FINANCING PAPER in the subject line including a brief letter outlining their key experience, capacities and availability for the task, institutional or individual country location and contact information for follow up; their CV and the pdfs of at least two publications in this field that they have authored. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application before or by September 21st2018. Please send any queries on the call to the EQUINET secretariat at admin@equinetafrica.org