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Equity in health, PAR work, Health equity in economic and trade policies, Poverty and health, Governance and participation in health, Monitoring equity and research to policy
Loewenson R; Masotya M
Title of publication Responding to inequalities in health in urban areas in east and southern Africa: Brief 5: What does the evidence indicate for advancing urban health and wellbeing?
Date of publication
2018 December
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Brief 5: What does the evidence indicate for advancing urban health and wellbeing? December 2018, TARSC, EQUINET, Harare
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urban health, east and southern Africa
Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC) as cluster lead of the “Equity Watch” work in EQUINET implemented a multimethods approach to gather and analyse diverse forms of evidence and experience on inequalities in health and its determinants within urban areas. We explored current and possible responses to these urban conditions, from the health sector and the health promoting interventions of other sectors and of communities. We aimed to build a holistic under standing of the social distribution of health in urban areas and the distribution of opportunities for and practices promoting health and wellbeing from different perspectives and disciplines. We worked with Harare and Lusaka youth, the Civic Forum on Human Development and Lusaka District Health Office for the participatory validation This brief, the fifth in the series on urban health, reports on the combined findings and their implications for improving equity in urban health and wellbeing.
East and southern Africa region
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Discussion brief