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Equity in health, Values, policies and rights, Health equity in economic and trade policies, Governance and participation in health
Loewenson R, Training and Research Support Centre for EQUINET
Title of publication Trends in water resources in east and southern Africa
Date of publication
2020 May
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water; extractives, projections; east and southern Africa
This brief is produced as part of the scoping work in EQUINET on the distributional consequences for current and future wellbeing of projected trends in selected extractives. This paper focuses on water as a resource and presents: The current situation and projected trends related to water in east and southern Africa (ESA); the implications for the health of current and future generations of these trends and the policy choices and alternatives to respond to these trends and the factors that influence policy design and uptake of choices. Water resources are unevenly distributed in the region and maldistribution and water scarcity and stress are predicted to intensify in the region in coming decades. Inequality and stress is not inevitable, however. There is potentially adequate water to meet the basic needs of all in the region and for sustaining ecosystems if managed through co-operation, paying attention to equity, interdependence and long-term outcomes. It is already recognised that ‘business as usual’ will lead to potentially disastrous consequences and that policies and programmes need to balance environmental, social and economic objectives. The brief outlines some of these options.
East and southern Africa region
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