Regional Network for Equity in Health in East and  Southern Africa (EQUINET) and People's Health Movement (PHM) 

East and Southern Africa Regional Peoples Health University
Theme: Past, present and future struggles for Health equity

29 July to 12 November 2021 


Session titles, dates and leads/ convenors are shown below. Each weekly session will be held in one or two sessions of 1-2 hours each during the week at times to be notified to participants. The post course follow up will be discussed in week 10.

You can download the full programme here

29 July
Week 1 Introduction and overview
Convenors - R Loewenson, B Kaim (EQUINET), M Alperstein, P Khisa (PHM)
Introduction to PHM, EQUINET and their strategic goals organisation and work
Participant introductions, experiences on health equity, and expectations
Introduction to the course programme and process

2-6 August
Week 2: Political economy and reclaiming resources for health
Convenor - R Loewenson (EQUINET)
Political economy of health in the region, and contesting framings of health and wellbeing
Neoliberal globalisation, commercial health determinants, ecological degradation, climate change
Extractives and international finance flows and their impact on health equity and pandemics.

16-20 August
Week 3: Ideas of health and wellbeing, SDH and reclaiming comprehensive public health
Convenors – M Mamdani,P Binyaruka (EQUINET)
Social determinants of health (SDH), commercial determinants, and challenges for health equity
Responses to SDH in IAH/HiAP, comprehensive public health, ecohealth and planetary health
Implications for COVID-19

30 August-3 September
Week 4: Health systems and Comprehensive primary health care (PHC)
Convenors – M Alperstein, T Njanji (PHM)
Understanding issues in strengthening universal equitable health systems
Comprehensive PHC as organising strategy for universal health systems and social participation
Health equity and PHC in relation to the SDGs, UHC and COVID

13-15 September
Week 5a: Power, values, rights, law and reclaiming collective agency
Convenor- P Khisa (PHM)
The role of power, values, norms, gender equity and rights in health equity
Claiming social power and social activism in health in the region

15-16 September
Week 5b: Power, values, rights, law and reclaiming collective agency
Convenor- M Mulumba (EQUINET)
Laws and constitutional framings of health rights and their implementation
Learning from COVID on rights, collective agency and solidarity in ‘emergencies’

27 September-1 October
Week 6: Commodification, privatization in health and reclaiming the state
Convenor- D Bukenya (PHM)
Commodification, privatization of essential public services - the forms, drivers and responses
Reclaiming the state for health equity, social accountability, global public goods
Learning from COVID on the role of the state and public (re) investment

4-8 October
Week 7: Equity in health technology
Convenor- Ranga Machemedze (EQUINET)
Health technologies, intellectual property and local production
Local to global engagement on health technologies
Vaccines as a global public good: equity lessons for engaging on COVID vaccines

10-15 October
Week 8: Social participation and organising activism for health
Convenors – T Njanji, M Alperstein (PHM)
Social participation in health (consolidating also input from earlier sessions)
Health literacy, health centre committees, CHWs, councils and mechanisms for social participation
Organising in participation in health equity and the role of emergencies

25-29 October
Week 9: Building a movement for health equity
Convenors – R Ram, L Shuro (PHM), N Banda, M Koogotsitse (EQUINET)
Consortium building, organization and advocacy locally to globally on health equity
EQUINET and PHM movement building in countries, in the region and in engaging globally

8-12 November
Week 10: Recap, evaluation and future steps
Convenors – R. Loewenson, W Asibu (EQUINET), M Alperstein, D Bukenya (PHM)
Course recap
Participant discussions and presentations on using the course in their own work
Course evaluation