This annotated bibliography of publications provides materials sourced from published and grey literature within different theme areas of work relating to equity in health in east and southern Africa.

The bibliography is compiled by TARSC through contributions from steering committee members, theme co-ordinators, participants in EQUINET programmes and users of this site. We welcome you to contribute materials to the bibliography by sending us information through the feedback form on the publication of the title, author, country, full reference of the publication and url of the paper. You can also admin [at] (subject: publication%20for%20the%20bibliography) (email the full paper to us).  We are regularly updating the bibliography and welcome new content. 

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Latest Bibliography Entries

Equity in health and health care: A WHO/SIDA initiative
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Values, policies and rights
Two models for change in the health services in Zimbabwe
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Resource allocation and health financing
Problems and prospects for health sector: Links in the Southern African region: The role of South Africa
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Governance and participation in health
A national health plan for South Africa
African National Congress (1994)
Values, policies and rights, Health equity in economic and trade policies
The concepts and principles of equity and health
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Equity in health
Literature review: Equity in the health sector in developing countries: With lessons learned for sub-Saharan Africa
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Equity in health
Quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) and the equity trade off
Wagstaff, A (1991)
Equity in health, Monitoring equity and research to policy
Explaining health inequalities: Beyond Black and Baker
Vagero, D; Illsley, I (1995)
Equity in health
Equity and efficiency in health reform: A European view
Vagero, D (1994)
Equity in health
Policies for health sector development: Where does equity feature?
Price, M (1997)
Equity in health, Resource allocation and health financing


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