EQUINET workshop on health literacy for the mining and extractive sector, February 1 and 2 2020

MEETING REPORT IS NOW AVAILABLE ON THE EQUINET WEBSITE . Most countries in east and southern Africa have rich deposits of a range of mineral reserves that are highly sought after in global trade. Extractive industries (EIs), largely multinationals from all regions of the world, extract these minerals, oil and gas from the earth through mining, dredging and quarrying. Countries in our region thus face a challenge to make and implement policy choices that link these natural resources to improved social and economic development, and to ensure that extraction processes do not harm health or environments.  TARSC as cluster lead of the “Equity Watch” work in EQUINET is working with trade union partners in SATUCC, Ex mineworkers in SAMA and civil society throigh Benchmarks SA  on health in the mining sector in east and southern African (ESA) countries, . We are held an EQUINET regional meeting on February 1 and 2 2020 in Cape Town South before the Alternative Mining Indaba to share health literacy information on Mining and health, distribute the health literacy module on Mining and health, and share other materials and experiences in our ongoing programmes and advocacy on mining and health in the region. The health literacy module is available on this website. The workshop involved trade union, ex mineworker, civil society  and academia and consolidated an Extractives and Health Group (EHG) for an alliance on follow up actions on shared priorities, If you are interested in the EHG please contact us at admin [at] (subject: MINING%20AND%20HEALTH%20WORKSHOP) (EQUINET secretariat )