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Values, policies and rights, Health equity in economic and trade policies, Public-private mix, Governance and participation in health
Loewenson, R; TARSC; EQUINET
Title of publication Mining and health: A Health Literacy Module
Date of publication
2018 October
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Mining and health: A Health Literacy Module, Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC) and EQUINET, Harare
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mining; health literacy; extractive industries; east and southern africa
This module aims to provide information and to support discussion in health literacy programmes on the duties of the mining sector in east and southern African countries in health and to protect the right to health. The module discusses the ways mining affects health in those working on the mines, ex-mineworkers and those in the surrounding and wider community; explains the policies, laws and programmes that should protect health and address the health effects of mining; discusses some of the shortfalls in current law and practice and what you can do about them and provides links to institutions and resources for further information. The module includes • Text with information for unions and civil society • Participatory activities to draw local experience and evidence and to encourage reflection on the findings • Case studies from the region • Discussion questions for participants. • References and resources • Appendices with more detailed information on selected areas It aims to be used by facilitators from trade unions and civil society in the region within their health literacy / health education/ union education activities. The target groups are workers and communities living in and around the mines.
East and southern Africa region
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Toolkits and training materials