EQUINET CONFERENCE 2022 has been successfully held! Watch key sessions if you missed any.

In 2022 EQUINET has been hosting a regional conference under the overall theme "Catalysing change for health and social justice' . The conference has been online, in three separate thematic days (already held) and a fourth half day held on 17 November on the future networking and organisation on health equity.  It's been an exciting four days, with alot of evidence, ideas, experience from and exchanges within the region. Please select EQUINET CONFERENCE on the side tabs and visit the conference pages for more information, for the programmes, video recordings and  the resolutions adopted at the conference. You can find the programmes for the conference days on the programme page, the video records of the opening and conference sessions are on the Resources page, and the resolutions for action adopted on day 4 on the Resolutions page.