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Values, policies and rights, Health equity in economic and trade policies, Equitable health services, Human resources for health, Public-private mix, Resource allocation and health financing, Governance and participation in health, Monitoring equity and research to policy
Title of publication EQUINET Information sheet on COVID-19
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2020 March
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EQUINET Information sheet on COVID-19
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COVID; epidemic; health service; economy; public health
The many reports and email messages on the Coronavirus pandemic can be somewhat overwhelming for people who are also trying to respond to the epidemic at different levels. Yet information is a key tool in managing the epidemic and its consequences from individual to international level. This information sheet aims to assist by bringing together information and links to resources from various sources on a range of issues related to COVID-19 covering: 1: Basic information on the virus and its health impact 2: The level and growth of the pandemic 3: What individuals and communities can do to prevent and respond to COVID-19 4: What workplaces and organisations can do to prevent and respond to COVID-19 5: Protection and support of health and other frontline workers 6: What countries are doing to prevent and respond to COVID-19 You can read the full information sheet, or go to the section that is most relevant to you. While the specific focus intends to be on east and southern Africa, this first information sheet provides information drawn from other regions and more mature epidemics that may be useful for those in the ESA region or that may raise issues to discuss and plan for in the region. The information is generally sourced from World Health Organisation (WHO), various official, public health and technical/ scientific sources. The source of information is cited/hperlinked. The WHO page on COVID-19 is at This brief complements and does not substitute information from your public health authorities. Some of the information is technical but we have tried to make it accessible. This newsletter is produced under the principles of 'fair use', attributing sources by providing direct links to authors and websites, whose views do not necessarily represent those of EQUINET.
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Discussion brief