Participatory action research organisations and networks

On this page you will find links to organisations and networks working on PAR, supporting PAR, publishing PAR, training on PAR or being involved in PAR in other ways. We include those that have an online presence. We know there are many others that do not but hope that those that do provide a bridge to them. Please send us information on the organisations or networks you know and work with.

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Action Leaning, Action Research Association (ALARA),2018

Action Leaning, Action Research Association (ALARA) is a global network of programs, institutions, professionals, and people interested in using ALAR to generate collaborative learning, training, research and action to transform workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, communities, voluntary organisations, governments and businesses. ALARA's vision is that this approach will create local and global change for the achievement of a more equitable, just, productive, peaceful and sustainable society. ALARA connects with the international PAR community, including through ALARA conferences.

Participatory Research at McGill (PRAM)

McGill University,2018

The Participatory Research at McGill (PRAM) programme in the Dept of Family Medicine aims to further scholarship and promote the knowledge, expertise and training for PR and community engagement in health care. Participatory Research is an approach to conducting research where researchers are in partnership with the intended users of the research - patients, health professionals, organizations, policy makers, community members or entire communities. As an academic institution, it provides graduate courses on PR, supports implementation of PR processes, publishes PR work, advocates for PR

Regional Network for equity in health in east and southern Africa (EQUINET)

Secretariat at Training and Research Support Centre

EQUINET is a network of professionals, civil society members, policy makers, state officials and others within the region who have come together as an equity catalyst, to promote and realise shared values of equity and social justice in health. EQUINET hosts a pra4equity learning network on PAR that now extends to all regions, that shares information, holds training and review workshops, and supports mentoring, skills development and exchanges on areas such as methods and facilitation capacities.